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Electronic Procurement System
E-Procurement application provides a centralized system to process the overall procurement activities, and continuously improves cost reductions, collaboration and operational excellence. Based on data collection, summary and analysis, it will establish the pre-alarm supervision mechanism through budget planning, procurement and tendering management, contract management, expert management, supplier management, etc.
Procurement Planning and Support Management
The Procurement Management module covers all best practices used for procurement planning and centralized information management for commodity procurement catalog, suppliers. and industry experts.
Budget Management and Procurement
By integration with financial management, system assists in managing financial budget index and budget executions based on the budget plan, and enables administrator to monitor budget execution in real time.
Commodity Procurement Catalog
System supports management and maintenance of internal procurement catalog with all of corresponding commodity information in order to improve procurement quality, reduce cost, associate budget planning and decision making. System users can easily realize finding, visualizing, comparing, and ordering.
Supplier Management
System provides a centralized platform for standardizing supplier qualification and ensuring visibility of key supplier information to support improved risk management and procurement decisions. Suppliers can use self-service portal to register, and then the qualification will be validated. An easy-to-search database of qualified suppliers is built for collaborative work in supplier management.
Expert Library Management
For tendering evaluation, industrial experts are always invited to provide bid suggestion, mark suppliers and generate a shortlist as reference. System provides an expert library used for tendering and evaluation. Expert library management enables users to manage expert information based on status and schedules, select experts randomly or manually, etc.
Bidding Application and Announcement
System supports drafting bidding documents based on system template, and making bidding application internally. After related processes and approval, bidding information can be easily published.
Online Tendering
Suppliers can check information and purchase bidding documents, and then give quotation and make tendering online. In addition suppliers can raise related questions in the portal and check government feedback conveniently.
Tender Opening and Evaluation
System can associate public bid list for all attendance and bidders with bidder's general information and bidding price, select and schedule experts for evaluation. Then, authorized governmental users can determine the winning bidder according to the evaluation results list provided by experts.
Tender Award
System will notify successful suppliers of awarding information with a letter of invitation to sign an agreement through email, web portal or SMS, etc. Corresponding information will be recorded in the system, as well as the evaluation of suppliers tendering performance during the tendering process.
Contract Documenting and Signature
System supports users to draft/upload contract in the system, and then use the electronic signature to sign the contract with supplier. The legitimacy of the contract signed are strictly controlled with business credentials and signatory qualification.
Contract Execution
System supports real-time contract status tracking. Contract execution team can update status within schedule with all related records. System supports users to set corresponding reminder and business templates, such as requirement change management, submission for approval, etc. Financial department makes payment according to the contract and execution records.
Contract Monitoring
System makes executed contract documents available to all members of the team involved in managing the engagement. It supports statistic reports to enable users monitoring all the contract status of execution. In general, the reports are designed with the information of supplier's name, contract start date, due date, goods receiving data and payment status, etc.
Contract Document Archive
System supports archiving contract documents including corresponding warranties, modification history, key dates and payment information. Authorized users are able to access the information, update directly and keep track of major subcontractors on the contracts. After examination and approval, corresponding users will be able to send a notification to suppliers/vendors.
Business Configuration and User Account Management
Based on the easy-to-customize design, system enables technical administrator to conveniently configure business requirements and manage user accounts. That includes workflow setting and management, tendering and contract related expense configuration and payment configuration, as well as system template management.
Log and Security Management
System supports security logs, system logs and application logs with related management in order to trace actions and events that take place in the system and keep records of system activities. In addition, system supports security management by the principle of power separation to improve the system security.
Information Publishing
System provides information publishing tool to associate, release, and retrieve public information documentation. Publishing all kinds of related information, such as tender adverts, picture, illegal records, tender awards, etc.
Statistical Analysis and Reports
System provides various real-time statistical reports on procurement analysis in selected period and key indexes. Reports can also be designed and developed according to organization’s real business requirements and needs. Users can also configure the reports as needed. System has the capability to collect and report the system statistics from different aspects and provides the information to users in various formats.