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E-Commerce System SYSTEM
Our E-Commerce system is designed to associate various commercial business activities by internet and web portal applications. It enables the buyers and sellers realize sales business, marketing, shopping, communication and transaction online. In consideration of the latest development trends and requirements, our solution supports to encompass the powerful supply and procurement management sub-system, on-line store management sub-system, information classification and management sub-system. It can easily deploy the web channels with customized services and special features.
Modern and efficient manage- ment of customers with corre- sponding help service
The Customer Management module covers all best practices used to create, maintain and service customers. It includes advanced membership management, customer relationship management, call center service and online help services.
Membership management
The Membership management is specially designed to provide registration, access control, credit management, membership management to e-Commerce solution services depends on customized membership policy. The standard membership policy consists of three levels of members such as Standard Member, Certified Member and Golden Member.
Customer Relationship Management
Customer relationship management (CRM) module is enhancing the satisfaction of customers through deep analysis of details of customers, thereby increasing the competitive power of the company and its products. Customer relationship means information assembling around the occurrence and development of customer life cycle. The essence of CRM is management of customer value. Under the marketing principle of “one-to-one”, personalized demand of various customers can be satisfied so as to upgrade the loyalty and retention rate of customers and to realize the continuous contribution of customer value, thereby enhancing the overall profitability of the company.
Call Centre
Call centre is serving to receive user phone calls and provide a series of services and support to customers. In a relatively centralized place, a service organization made up of service people use the computer technology to deal with telephone inquiry from enterprise and customers, especially the capability of processing a multitude of incoming calls. Moreover, it also enables the display of callers to automatically assign the incoming-calls to people who have got the corresponding capability. It can also store and record all information of incoming calls.
Online Helpdesk System
System provides an online helpdesk module as help center to solve the puzzles and problems from customers. By solving customer’s puzzles and problems through Internet, the organization can reduce investment in human resource, decrease the operation cost of the website and enhance efficiency and customersatisfaction.
Intelligent Recommendation
Intelligent recommendation is conducted based on user operation behavior or system analysis. To achieve the right recommendation to the right user, intelligent recommendation can be designed as recommendations for unregistered users and registered users separately.
Intelligent Search
The retrieval module is designed to fulfil quickly and accurately full-text retrieval which system includes multiple key word search, key word combination search, full text retrieval (on both title and text) and automatic indexing. This system supports information collection, intelligent word classification, intelligent indexing, classification and clustering, retrieval for combined search conditions, personalized search and the function of user study with interest to achieve comprehensive, automatic non-structural information processing solutions.
Promotion and Pricing Management
Promotion and Pricing management module enables suppliers to simplify the management of campaigns, inventories, pricing, cost and discounts to be more responsive to opportunities and changes within the on-line marketplace. It also supports promotion and pricing analysis which allows supplier to complete program profitability analysis with project accounting and manage marketing programs.
Advertising Management
The advertising management is one model of prioritizing the display and recommendation of products, so as to stay competitive in the competing marketplace. It covers bidding ranking, gold advertisement, and platform alliance comprising of the small and medium sized media resources.
Content Management
Content management is one of the core functions of the CSSCA e-Commerce solution, which can display the detailed information of the products, making it possible for the product information to be explicit from the buyer’s perspective, enabling the buyers to gain a certain understanding of the products and services. It covers procurement information, supply information, online store management, exhibition management, multiple data comparison and tracking logs.
Transaction Management
The system is dedicated to provide a massive amount of information for the members, through which the members can take advantage of these information to trade both online and offline. It associates transaction operations of quotation, enquiry, order management, tender transaction and contract management, etc.
Third Party Logistics
Third Party Logistics module is supported as an integrated functionality of E-Commerce system providing one-stop service solution for web-system members which required complimentary logistics service to manage, store and deliver products from suppliers.
Social Networking Services
Social Networking Services (SNS) module is dedicated to building a business platform of social interaction service marketing among members. Through frequent interactions, it can be marketed by word-of-mouth. Functions reliant on SNS biz cycle can enhance the stickiness of E-Commerce system, which consummates the business transaction on E-Commerce system. At the same time, due to the real-name registration system on SNS, more trust is added to the cold interpersonal network, filtering large amount of hypocritical information and drawing closer the relationship between Internet users naturally.
Bulletin Board System
The Bulletin Board System (BBS) is supported as an E-Commerce forum. It can verify professional E-Commerce user, and verified users are supported to post correspondent E-Commerce marketing theories to attract members’ attention and interaction. Deal is made through professional guidance, which aims at attracting netizens’ attention and interest in your products, thus increasing the likelihood of reaching deal.
Instance Message System
Instant Message module is dedicated to serve the business of immediate exchange of information based on the Internet, which allows two or more people to transfer such information as words and sound instantly via the Internet, which can effectively achieve the purpose of mutual understanding and information exchange.