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Capital Management SYSTEM
Capital management system, which is associated to address national and local funding, budgeting, procurement, expenditure, debt and risk management, is playing an important role in public sector financial administration. It is designed as a complete, comprehensive and integrated product for plan and execute budget, optimize cash flow, set up centralized and unified information management platform, and provide online management and whole process monitoring. It safeguards the nation’s revenues and payments by establishing and enforcing sound accountability practices and contingency planning to avert any threats to critical financial operations of the government.
Manage capitals with correspo- nding plan and proper control
Financial Revenue and Expenditure Management module enable public sector to manage taxes, payments and national benefits from/for business parties and/or citizens. It mainly covers budget plan, account management, disbursement plan control, capital receipt and payment.
Budget Plan
Budget plan is the starter and basis to launch settlement. System can associate to create budget plan and control capital receipt and payment according to actual situation. It mainly includes annual budget plan's establishment, summary, approval, step-by-step audit and release, project budget's creation, adjustment, weekly plan, monthly plan, and its summary etc. If no budget plan, the payment and related process will be rejected.
Account Management
As the foundation of centralized capital management, it includes account opening, change, cancel, transfer, bank interface and other applications with their functions, such as apply, approval and so on. It enables organization to achieve the whole process management for each unit and its bank account.
Disbursement Plan Control
Disbursement plan is used to control financial direct payment and authorized payment. All of the capital payment cannot be done without plan. All staff account involved in disbursement plan based on level to level management.
Capital Receipt and Payment
As a core settlement process, capital receipt and payment, which includes external receipt, external payment, account transfer, cash withdraw, receipt application/audit and other related business operations.
Whole process monitoring
System supports to establish fund management mechanism of a whole process, perspective and automation to monitor the fund flow at different levels beforehand and afterwards in a penetrated way. It can associate to strengthen the control of income source and improve expenditure control.
Account surveillance
In order to ensure the security of capital receipt and payment, a dedicated Finance-Bank Interface Platform is developed to achieve docking with relevant banks. The system can real-timely monitor the change notice and historical notice of clearing bank account, agent bank account through interface between central finance ministry and bank.
Plan surveillance
System can associate to strictly monitor and control capitals and its payment by corresponding plan. No matter direct and authorized payment, disbursement plan is required. Otherwise capital payment is not allowed.
Payment surveillance
System supports to real-timely monitor and control all the payments, and realize perspective and automation. It enables administrative hierarchy monitoring, and automatically send warning for sensitive payment.
Debt Process Management
The system supports whole debt process management, such as capital structure planning, long-term and short-term financing plan, credit plan, limit management, financial transactions, financing transaction, approval control, repay capital and interest, and so on.
Debt Information Management
The system covers both transaction information management and report management. It starts from financial information input, such as import transactions, expenses, accounting process, cash flow, interest withdrawing, debt balance and transaction confirmation. The subsequent debt management contains trial, repay capital and interest, repayment, debt information statement and cost analysis.
Debt Analysis
The system expends analysis capability of BI module and provide dashboard with lots of different analysis tools which supports to extract information from various dimensions, realize statistical analysis and automatically generate reports in the forms of text and graphical style. It can help users better understand funding and trends, increase collections and improve the compliance practice.
Risk Profiling and KPI Repository
The system has a built-in risk profile engine and centralized KPI repository to support risk identifying and solution suggestion generating. It will help user be able to assess the risk profile of each funding audit case.
Risk Tracking and Reminding Facility
The system offers risk profile tracking and reminding facility which enable user to monitor the investment case process through its life cycle. The reminding facility is built-in function which be embedded into the workflow engine of the system. The system provides multiple ways to send reminding information to the authorized user in email, SMS and even built-in IM function.
Risk Assessment Process
The system supports to realize automated assessment on the basis of pre-defined risk assessment workflow. The authorized user can setup sets of risk assessment processes according to the risk profiling engine. The pre-defined risk assessment processes can be deployed and executed in both interactive mode and batch mode. The Assessment report can be generated automatically once the risk assessment process completed.