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Campus Management System is a cloud-based system that securely and reliably maintains operational data for colleges and schools. It enables more effective collaboration between students, teachers, parents, management team and makes academic life easier.
Accurate and Effective Student Data Management
Student management enables to easily manage student data, check student information. It covers the whole student lifecycle and provides basic information, course information, student attendance tracking, statistical analysis of learning, student academic records and a student portal to realize information inquiry and activities management.
Student Portal
Student portal enables students and parents to log on to the system. Students can access their course information, course schedule, assignment, grades, attendance information, personal progress records, and course evaluation. Meanwhile, parents have access to their child’s academic activity information. This makes it easy for parents to monitor their child’s academic progress.
Student Learning Performance
Learning performance module enables students, parents and teachers to view students’ grades of all courses. Detailed student performance information, statistical summary, score ranking and custom reports are also provided to help students, parents and teachers to improve their learning or teaching strategies.
Student Attendance and Leave
Student attendance module enable authorized users to maintain the attendance information of students. According to school’s attendance policies, different attendance types and absent reasons can be created. Meanwhile, students can apply for leave by logging into the system, and teachers can approve leave applications. Statistics reports of attendance and leave information are provided to facilitate student management.
Student Academic Activities
Activities management module provides comprehensive management of students' activities such as assignments, academic projects and extracurricular activities.
Course Information
Course information module enables authorized users to create courses with all necessary information. Courses can be categorized according to different grades and departments.
Teaching Plan
Teaching plan module enable teachers to manage teaching plan of different courses based on grade, class feature, and class type. Time required to complete the lesson, list of teaching materials, teaching objectives and methodology, practice plan, evaluation component can be set in the teaching plan template.
Course Scheduling
Course scheduling module provides automatic and manual course scheduling. By arranging teacher and classroom resources, the system supports timetable for teachers, students, class and classroom. Conflict detection function for schedules is also provided.
Course Evaluation
Course evaluation module enables students to evaluate the teaching quality of their courses taken. It provides a platform to enhance interaction between teachers and students, while improving teaching quality and satisfaction with academic institution.
Organization Structure
Organization structure module provides organization management for academic institution and supports creation and maintenance of organization chart.
Classroom Management
Classroom management module provides management of campus, classrooms, laboratory, etc., supports classrooms profile management, classroom occupancy Statistics, classroom status management, while maximizing classroom utilization.
Examination Management
Examination management module supports exam scheduling, random candidate numbers management, settings of exam time and spatial preference, candidate management and invigilator appointing, exam information and invigilator query, and exam schedule information announcement.
Learning Materials Management
Learning materials management module supports to establish database showing including detailed teaching materials information, requirement information, distribution information, and inventory for improving management of teaching materials.
Digital Library
View, edit or delete records and define rules pertaining to each Library Material.Register new material and define parameters such as borrowing period, grace period, reservation period, access rights, cost and more.Track status of material, whether on loan, reserve, on hold, overdue, or missing, with regular updating. Search-as-you-type functionality by any keyword or user defined parameter for quick retrieval.
Facilitate cataloging of all type of media - Books, Records, Audio tapes, Video recordings, Maps, etc.Classify material by defining any number of categories desired.Enforce data validation and verification procedures to reduce discrepancies and identify redundancies.Incorporate self service access for patrons to check availability of material using online catalogue.
Create work flows and define rules for circulation processes such as reservation, check-in, check-out, notifications, updating of personnel and material records and collections.Define constraints and threshold levels and automatically trigger associated work flows.
Manages Acquisition Information and processes such as Library Orders, Budgets, Invoicing, and Supplier Details etc.Monitor stock levels regularly and set threshold levels to trigger acquisition activities.Analyze material usage, demand and popularity records to facilitate efficient and proactive acquisition processes.Supplier details and performance may be monitored based on user defined parameters for improved supplier selection