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Biometrics Identification SYSTEM
CSSCA Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) provides a comprehensive information collection and management solution. Personal information includes portrait, fingerprint and signature will be collected by using camera, fingerprint reader and signature pad in Biometric Collection Unit, and managed by Customer Profile Management system. Biometric information authentication and comparison functions are provided by Identification and Verification Service module.
Accurate and secure identifica- tion method
Biometric-based solution provides automated methods of recognizing individuals based on physiological or behavioural characteristics. These characteristics are distinctive, measurable and can be used to label a person. For example, fingerprint, face recognition, palm print, iris recognition, voice patterns, etc.. With the rapid progress of biometric identification technologies, biometric identification system is able to provide you high level identification management with low cost.
Accurate Identification
Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) enables users to achieve a high level accuracy identification system. Since biometric characteristics are unique to individuals and cannot be easily duplicated or stolen, they are more reliable in verifying identity than traditional methods such as passwords, identification numbers or smart cards. Consequently, system user can get high level of security with biometric identification technologies and won’t have to deal with problems like ID sharing, duplication or fraud.
Easy and Safe Operations
System provides accurate identification results with a simple live scan or a photograph. An individual can be identified or rejected within seconds. Captured biometric data is encrypted in the system to protect individual privacy.
Scalable System
Based on users’ requirements, different versions of hardware and security configuration options are available. If high level security is required, more discriminable features or multi-modal applications and large scale databases can be used.
Application Scenarios
Automated Biometric Identification System can be widely used in the fields of government, military, commercial enterprises, finance, and education for propose of identification and access control.
Biometric Collection Hardware
Biometric collection hardware is the interface between individuals and the system, the function is to acquire all the necessary biometric data. Biometric collection hardware include digital camera and accessory for capturing picture, fingerprint scanner, signature pad, iris scanner (optional), information collection PC terminal, etc..
Biometric Information Software
Biometric information software cooperates with hardware to capture and process biometric information. The main functions are hardware parameters settings; captured information checking and editing; template storage, transmission and output, etc..
Information Upload
Biometric information which meet the standards can be automatically selected to create a template, this template will can be uploaded to the database and stored.
Offline Collection
If distributed network architecture is adopted, captured biometric information can be processed locally when network connection is not available. The local data can be transferred to central database by using medium like CD and U disk.
Customer Profile Register
Customer Profile Register is responsible for customer information storage includes basic information, portrait, fingerprint and signature. Every customer will be allocated with a unique number and his/her basic information, portrait, fingerprint and signature can be located from CPR according to this number.
Customer Profile Service
Customer Profile Service provides an interface for external system and undertakes any inquire requirements for biometric information verification.
Automated Fingerprint Identification System
Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) aims to perform automatic fingerprint identification. AFIS provides electronic image storage, image enhancement and quality control, ten print fingerprint search, ten print fingerprint verification (1-to-1 and 1-to-n fingerprint verification), ten print duplicates checking and removing, etc.
Automated Facial Recognition System
Automated Facial Recognition System (AFRS) is a platform for automatic portrait identification or verification from a digital image or a video frame. Portrait matching engine is the core of this platform. Matching engine provides main functionalities and storing entire data of portrait characteristics. AFRS main functionalities include: portrait matching, alive face check, enhancement of video image quality, race and gender analysis, facial recognition at different ages, three-dimensional face posture correction and facial expression analysis.