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Emergency Management System
CSSCA Emergency Response Management Solution (ERMS) is designed for government and its public sector to mitigate the impact of disaster and prevent significant property damage and casualties. Based on comprehensive ICT infrastructure research and multiple communication technology innovation, CSSCA ERMS provides early contingency plan based on disaster risk management and recovery proposal.
Be warring and prepared for contingency
Emergency planning provides early and timely warning and advice for contingency and enables to discover unrecognized hazardous conditions. With pre-warnings, users can work to prevent emergencies from occurring and make an effective plans for emergency preparation, response and recovery.
Real-time Monitoring
In different monitoring scenarios, system adopts and manages various sensors and detectors to collection information. For example, Soil Moisture Sensor Probe, Telemetry alarm rain gauge, Hydrology and Water Resources telemetry terminal, Water Level Gauge devices, Flame Detection devices, Video Surveillance equipment, etc. Monitoring data is transferred to command center in real-time through communication network. Early Warning Notification function is provided for alerting users to potential risks.
GIS Based Statistical Analysis
Through the use of GIS platform, system realizes risk and emergency resource information integration and management based on spatial and geographical data. Information visualization of emergency statistical analysis is provided for users to plan or conduct emergency operations. GIS based statistical analysis functions include: Ambient Analysis, Round up Analysis, Drown Analysis, Path Analysis, Communication Security Analysis, and Diffusion Analysis.
Advanced Planning and Scheduling
System provides emergency range and risk level prediction through statistical analysis of gathered information. Accordingly, the different plan can be generated for decision making, e.g. emergency response plans, hazard mitigation plans, disaster recovery plans, etc. Plan making and management functions based on GIS platform are supported.
System provides telephone alarm and intelligence monitoring alarm to announce an emergency to the command center.
Emergency Command Center
System provides experts at command center with various emergency response applications that can be used to get detailed information of emergency, locate the emergency, allocate emergency response team and resources, check and adjust emergency plan, control the procedures of emergency plan implementing, etc.
Data Centre
Data centre of the ERMS platform provides emergency information data processing service that assist users to manage all relevant information.
Multimedia Integrated Dispatch
Integration of videoconferencing and trunked radio system enables emergency response teams to collaborate with the command center, quickly share onsite images and videos and communicate “face-to-face” for making decisions.
Emergency resources status visualization
Distribution and status of emergency resources are visible via GIS platform. This function enables users to gather accurate data and make decision.
Advanced Warehouse Management
The advanced warehouse management module supports storage location management and full automatic warehouse operation such as receiving, put away, replenishment, picking, etc. with its AI based rule-setting repository.
Logistics Management
Logistics management module provides functions including purchasing and sales, inventory control, distributed requirements planning, transportation management and other supporting service.
3rd Party Logistics
3rd party logistics management is also supported by the system. Users are enabled to manage billing, order assurance, logistic ownership and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).
National emergency response platform
National emergency response platform is designed to manage huge and important emergency. It provides macro data statistics and analysis, intelligent decision-making support, decision-marking conference and comprehensive coordination.
Regional emergency response platform
Regional emergency response platform is designed to manage local important emergency. It focus on daily tasks management, information exchange, on scene command and execution of emergency response plan.
Department emergency response platform
Department emergency response platform is designed to manage emergency of specialized sectors. It provides expertise to national and regional emergency response platform and assist the scheduling and execution of emergency operations.