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Electronic Customs SYSTEM
The Electronic Customs System is a computerized customs management system utilizing modern Information Telecommunication Technologies which cover most foreign trade procedures, including: Cargo Clearance, Customs Tax Collection, National Customs System Management, etc. The Electronic Customs System could contribute to enhance national customs management level, improve national modern management and macro-control ability of foreign economic and trade field, realize national electronic commerce engineering to meet the requirement of international trade development.
Intelligentialize the Declaration and Clearance at Customs
The Customs Declaration and Clearance Management automates the processes and procedures at customs which reduces human mistake, fraud, paper work, data duplicate entry,ease daily work of customs officers, increase the visibility of declaration and clearance procedures, improve work efficiency as well as the services delivered to the public.
Customs Declaration Registration
The Customs Declaration Registration provides the function of inputting electronic data of declaration form, submission, so as to realize the electronic declaration for the import and export. With regard to the specific function, it contains inputting the electronic data of the declaration form, interim storage, modification, delete, legitimacy checking, duty & fare calculation, declaration and submission, query and printing.
Customs Declaration Inspection
The Customs Declaration Inspection is composed of electronic inspection and manual inspection of the declaration form, which is designed for the full inspection of the declared electronic data. The System Inspection provides functionalities such as Content Inspection and Channel Confirmation, and the Manual Inspection provides functionalities such as Tariff Inspection, Command Order, Modification, Deletion, Channel Judgement and Query.
Customs Tariff Collection
The Customs Tariff Collection aims to facilitate the customs to collect and manage the customs duty and other kinds of fares, as well as to facilitate the daily management of the customs. And the E-payment supports the payment of the relevant duty and fare by cash, electronic payment of transfer between the enterprises and the banks.
Manifest Management
The Manifest Management is one of the most important components for the E-customs solution. The system provides the function of manifest input, manifest query, manifest archives, cancellations and manifest case closed.
Checkpoint Management
The Checkpoint Management covers functionalities to support the major activities taken in a typical checkpoint of the customs, and the functionalities consist of Data Collection & Hardware Equipment Integration, Monitoring Management, Checkpoint Clearance, Configuration Management and Statistics & query.
E-lock Management
The E-lock Management aims to realize the intellectualized container as well as seamless connection with the port’s information management system. Each container has a unique ID. The information of shipping order, door opening/closing action will be documented during the transportation of containers. Full information security management from loading to unpacking by administrations such as Customs, Quality Supervision and Inspection.
Customs E-Doc Management
The system provides abundant functionalities to support Customs electronic documents management which covers the whole life cycle management of the specific document. The system consists of four sub-systems including Document Management System, Records/Files Management System, Business Process Management System and Form Processing System.
Custom Supervised Warehouses
The Custom Supervised Warehouse aims to store the cargoes for export/import, transit, transfer, clearance, etc. All the cargoes stored shall be under control of the customs. The system provides functionalities to control the stock in, stock out and related procedures and documents.
Office Automation Suites
The system provides office automation suites which can be configured to automate the other business processes at customs. The office automation suite is based on our mature platform that greatly reduces the implementation time, risk and cost. Besides, the system is available for future extension and change to respond to business changes from the clients.
Real-time Customs Declaration and Inspection Data
The Real-time Customs Declaration and Inspection Data provides visible information indicating both the on-going and completed declaration details in the predefined reporting and statistics templates and support decision making for the management level of the customs. The data includes the declaration form, commodity information of the import and export goods, HS-code, goods value, etc.
Real-time Logistics Tracking Data
The Real-time Logistics Tracking Data are available for authorized user(s) to be aware of the logistics related information such as locations, statuses of cargoes and vehicles. Thus, the whole logistics can be seamlessly controlled by the monitoring centre at the customs.
Real-Time Office Automation Data
The Real-Time Office Automation Data are available which can be automatically picked up from the system and presented to authorized user(s) in the pre-defined form, and the data presented is able to reflect the performance of staff’s daily work performance at the customs and provide references for performance management and optimization.