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Border Control System
Border Control System is designed to enable immigration officer to conduct “border check” according to relevant legislation and regulations by utilising advanced computer technology, peripheral equipment and biometrics technologies. The aim of BCS is to effectively secure points of entry for a country; safeguard and streamline lawful trade and travel; disrupt and dismantle transnational criminal and terrorist organizations.
Efficient control of entering or leaving of a country at checkpoints
Border Management module enables immigration authority to control the exit and entry processing of passengers at the border control checkpoints. Passengers’ travel documents, biographic and biometric data will be verified, recorded and compared against the control lists. Unauthorized entering or leaving of a country will be prevented by efficient border checks.
On Arrival
Arriving passengers will be checked according to the entry processing which aims to conduct primary and secondary inspections at the border checkpoints. Both citizens and foreign passengers can pass the border port through arrival lanes and immigration officer station. The arriving citizens with E-passports are allowed to pass the border checkpoints through e-Gate.
Entry Processing Functions
The system provides entry processing functions for arriving citizen and foreign passenger management such as passport information capturing, travel document authentication, passenger registration, visa information capturing and authentication and visa re-issuing. Immigration officers at the control station are allowed to use these functions to accomplish the inspection of arriving passengers.
On Departure
When citizens and foreign travelers leave the country, they will be checked according to the exit processing. The immigration officer scans received documents and process according with passenger’s nationality. If the received documents will not pass the inspection, the immigration officer will be able to contact with law enforcement authorities to request further investigation. If the documents are valid, the officer needs to register passenger into relevant database, and release passenger.
Exit processing Functions
The system provides advanced functionalities to process exit processing step. For example, travel document checking, information retrieving, over-stayer checking, biometric data recording and matching and departure information capturing, etc.
Travel Document Authenticity
The system is equipped with advanced travel document reader which is capable of reading passports, e-passports, e-ID cards, visas and other travel documents. Designed with high-precision OCR algorithm, contactless (RFID) integrated circuit reading and barcode technology and accompanied by advanced software components to verify optical and digital security features and data stored on documents, the device enables immigration officers to capture and verify passengers’ identity in a more reliable manner.
Fingerprint Identification
The system utilizes biometrics technologies in order to verify the identity of the passengers. Biometric technology uses a person's unique physiological characteristics to verify his/her identity. The system is equipped with reliable fingerprint scanner with high accuracy rate to capture fingerprints and compares them with the data stored on the travel document chip.
Facial Data Capture
ISO facial images of passengers will be scanned by cameras in the system to authenticate passengers’ identities and record the passengers’ arriving and leaving. The facial image information will be available for immigration authority as a proof that the passenger has crossed the border.
Express Processing
The system is equipped with E-gate which can improve the efficiency of arrival processing and allow immigration officer to focus on problematic passengers. The citizens with e-passport can pass the border checkpoints through e-Gate. Optical security features, characters in the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) will be checked to verify the authenticity of a travel document. A live captured facial image of the traveller will also be compared with the one stored on the travel document, and fingerprints will be checked as an additional biometric identifier. If the verification is successful the e-Gate allows the traveller to cross the border.
Information Management
Border management relevant information are maintained by the system. Authorized user is enabled to enquire passenger information which captured by document reader, E-gate etc.; retrieve individual information in control list; search, view and update information of passengers who enter or leave the country by vehicles and vehicle information.
Communication Management
Consider the rotation and mobility of BCS staffs, the organization structure, online users and internal contact are inconsistent. The communication management module enables authorized users to update the organization structure according to the actual situation, search the real-time online user information and internal contact information.
The report management, with a powerful reporting platform, can be used to configure various reports providing statistic numbers and graphs for authorized users to view passenger’s details and monitor arrival and departure processing on a daily, weekly, monthly basis or real-timely. The system provides reports such as foreign passenger reports, citizen passenger reports, performance reports and passenger list.
System Integration
Border control system can be integrated various system such as Interpol, Europol, E-policing, and Airlines-advanced Passenger Information System to confirm the identity of passengers and ensure high level of country’s border security. The integration with customs system is also recommended to ensure the consistency of passengers’ information between BCS and customs system.
Permanent Border Control
For stationary border control checkpoints at air, land or sea points of entry, each inspection system is equipped with a travel document reader, a camera for face, a fingerprint scanner, and cameras for vehicle and vehicle license plate recognition (only for land border checkpoints). Immigration officers are enabled to conduct entry/exit checks for travelers.
Mobile Border ControlStatistics
The system provides mobile equipment for identity checks in trains, buses or ships or near the border line. The mobile equipment can be a PDA device with swipe passport reader and fingerprint scanner or a mobile suitcase which integrates laptop, travel document reader, fingerprint scanner, camera, signature pad (optional), and 3G module.
Automatic Border Control
For fast biometric-based border control and for frequent or VIP travelers, automated gate solution is provided for the border control. Automated gate provides functions such as travel document data capturing, biometric verification, control list checking, automatic alarm, etc.