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National ID Card System helps governments improve national security and deploy dependable identification systems to prevent fraud, accurately authenticate valid ID cards, avoid the risk of issuing duplicate cards, etc. The solution can be applied for different public purposes, including voting, financial transacting, passport and driver’s license.
Get Full Control on Identites and Credentials
Identity Card Management is an efficient, quick, and highly flexible innovative system with different levels of security requirements and complex integrations. It enables government authorities and other organizations to easily enroll issue and effortlessly manage identities and credentials within the whole life cycle.
Capture and Enrollement Process
The system is able to authenticate breeder documents and securely capture citizen data, often including biometrics in face-to-face scenarios. Our secure capture, enrollment and custom solutions can help you meet these and other requirements.
Application Administration
The system ensures that applicants have the right to receive a document by checking entitlement with national and international databases and other systems are essential in guaranteeing the security of National ID programs. Our enrollment and data management solutions provide entitlement checking prior to document issuance.
Document Management
The system manages citizen data to enable the production of cards, often with data embedded in a smartcard chip, which is a critical element of the issuance of National ID cards. This includes preparing data for the targeted cards and chips as well as providing a system of record of the issued documents. Our issuance and card management solutions support these requirements.
Post Issuance Support
The system ensures that National ID cards are carefully managed after issuance, by allowing citizens to see and make changes to their data on chips, which is a critical element of a National ID infrastructure. Our smart card management and kiosk solutions can help support these processes.
Biometric Capturing Process
The system automates biometric information collection process by leveraging its advanced biometrcis software and hardware. The process can be fully customized according to national legislation and information requirements.
Biometric Collection Unit
The system stores all collected data like personal data information, images, fingerprints and signature at unified biometrics collection unit. The unit enables system to provide core information such as personal information, images, fingerprints and signature to card production management system for further cards personalization.
Customer Profile Management
The system enables authorized users to maintain customer information which is composed of Customer Profile Register (CPR) and Customer Profile Service (CPS). Those services are designed to maintain collected information and make it available for all integrated systems.
Identification and Verification Service
The system provides advanced identification and verification service. This module adopts latest technologies and advanced equipment to ensure the accuracy, biometric information authentication and comparison. IVS is composed of Automated Fingerprint Identification System and Automated Facial Recognition System.
Card Production Process
The system provides easy and streamlined approach to produce and personalize identity cards. The overall production process can be aligned and pre-configured according to certain production scenarios based on card type, raw material, printing requirements,etc.
Card Production Management
The system enables users to easily manage whole card production process, including material supplying, data preparation, manufacturing planning, production patches, labor and payroll management, and quality control.
Warehouse Management
The system enables authorized users to maintain inventory in a reasonable stock level and provides warehouse operation functions such as receiving, putaway, picking and distribution,etc.
Distribution Management
The system helps users to specify the planning horizon, plan the deliveries based on Advanced Sorting/Filtering Functions, assign the trucking jobs to the drivers, and monitor the trucking status. With the trucking plan, the Controller can rely on the Job Assignment and Monitoring Sub-Module to assign the trucking job to the driver and monitor the status on the screen.
International Standard Compliance
The system provides advanced identification card with embedded CPU chip and card operating system which fully comply with international standards such as ISO 18013, ISO 7810, ISO 7813, ISO 14443, etc.
Data on the Card
The identification card is an electronic document and the data stored on the proposed card can be divided into two types: human readable data and machine readable data. Human readable data will be visible on surface of the card and machine readable data will require authorized equipment to read uploaded information.
Physical Characteristics
The physical characteristics of the identification card is fully compliant with the International Standards Organization’s (ISO) specifications for the physical characteristics of identification cards [ISO 7810: Identification cards - Physical characteristics].
Security & Integrity Features
The identification card is fully protected against forgery and illegal copying by state-of-the-art security and integrity features. The features inlude Fine Guilloche, Rainbow Printing, Micro Printing, Optically Variable Inks, Radio Frequency Technology, Ultraviolet Fluorescent Anti-counterfeiting,etc. These features can be customized according to national legislation and card speicification requirements.