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Case Management System provides powerful and easy-to-use technological approach to handle different types of cases, including contracts, investigations, lawsuits, applications, etc. The system helps to organize your matters, measure performance, enhance office collaboration and enable faster and more insightful decision
Calendar and Schedule Management
The system can help to track various types of discovery requests, responses, and other case related events. These events can be easily shared with colleagues, and reminders can be set to ensure that you never miss an important meeting or deadline.
Instant Messenger
The system provides an Instant Messenger for users to easily share information and exchange messages among colleagues with fewer meetings or emails. The system also support voice or video meetings, file sharing, online discussion, etc. for user working on the same case.
Task Management
The system enables users to monitor the progress of tasks and do pretty much anything else needed to keep your practice running smoothly.
Email and SMS Integration
The system supports reminder set in Calendar. When you set a reminder ,a notification will be sent to you via email of SMS on the specified time.
Allocate Cases and Monitor Progress
Case Administration provides a streamlined way to manage, share and integrate the varied responsibilities and work products of attorneys, legal assistants, administrators and staff. You can quickly assign, or reassign a case to a group of people, monitor case loads.
Case Registration and Administration
The system empowers users to create different types of cases by setting basic metadata such as subject,received date,etc. It also assists users to process cases throughout the whole case life cycle, from creation, assignment, handing, to case closing.
Case Assignment and Re-assignment
The system provides a configurable organization structure so that any case can be assigned to a person or a group of staff. It also supports withdrawal of assignment so cases can be reassigned to other people.
Case Monitoring
The system enables managers to keep track of assignments. It also provides a graphical view of the case handling progress and case status.
Work Delegation
The system allows managers to delegate some of the case tasks to speed up work execution process by using pre-build tools. The delegation process can be fully customized according to organization's business rules and all the work that has been done by the delegate can be traced in the system.
Forms Library
The system helps users to manage the legal templates and other organization's documents used in their daily work. Users only need to create a standard template at the first time. and then it can be repeately used whenever a similar document needs to be drafted.
Online Drafting
The system is integrated with Microsoft Office, enabling users to draft legal and other organization’s documents in a way that they are already familiar with.
Case Diarizing
The system enables users to easily diarize cases for what have been done and what will be done. This function helps them to manage their diary in a more efficient way.
Search and Retrieve
The system provides industry-leading search technology to navigate through contacts, matters, and documents. It also enables users to search all information you need in a custom manner.
Configurable Reporting Tools
The system provides various real-time statistical reports and has the capability to collect and report the system data from different databases and provides the information to users. Reports can also be designed and developed according to customer’s real requirements.
Performance Statistics
The system is able to record the historical work status and result, the period taken by each workflow and the average time workflows cost.
System Audit Trail
The system keeps an unalterable record of the critical activities that the system and its users executed, including user name, IP address, object, date and time, etc.
Business Analytics
The system empowers users with advanced tools to visualize organization performance data to analyse and improve business outcomes using a broad set of capabilities for reporting, analysis, modeling, forecasting,etc.