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Modern Smart Airport
With the expand of the airport business and scale and challenge of requirements for the modern airport, a comprehensive Air Traffic Control System is becoming mandatory.
Smart Airport
"Smart Airport" is based on the principles and methods of the Security Management System (SEMS), with ground command security as a breakthrough, threat assessment, hazard identification, risk assessment, and finally risk mitigation measures, ultimately reducing the risk level to acceptable Level.
It can be solved that with the increasing number of ground support vehicles, there are security threats such as aircraft collision, pedestrian collision, and runway incursions. The controller cannot know the position of the vehicle, and the security process cannot timely identify risks for early warning.
Timely remind the vehicle to enter the no-sail zone and other violations to avoid safety accidents such as runway invasion;
Comprehensive real-time control over the position and security of vehicles so as to timely grasp the security situation of the entire airport, early warning of security threats and timely risk mitigation measures;
Timely identify security threats arising from ground security, give early warning and take corresponding measures as soon as possible;
To improve vehicle scheduling, ensure efficiency, reduce flight delays, and ensure safe airport production;
Vehicle trajectory playback, providing safety accident preview;
To administer drivers' violation of regulations, penalties and other violations, and to strengthen the standardized management of drivers' safe driving;
Establish an emergency plan to inform vehicles of rescue as soon as possible in case of emergency landing and air crash, and carry out daily emergency drills.