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Realizing sound IT strategy and architecture that significantly increase an organization's credibility and service value in today's marketplace while reducing overall costs.
IT Strategy and Architecture services enable organizations to redesign & realign their existing legacy architecture to accomplish their business strategies by identifying critical business drivers and translating them into technology blueprints. Our IT Strategy and Architecture services aim to achieve the following objectives:
  • Adopting a detailed, analytical approach to address and understand each client's business requirements and problems;
  • Minimizing the risk component attached to any enterprise level IT investment, thereby increasing the net ROI;
  • Providing high-end consulting services for implementing various IT governance frameworks, and maturity models required in today's security and standard sensitive IT environment.

CSSCA - IT Strategy and Architecture Services Provider
IT Strategy Planning
  • Business Strategy Awareness
  • Current IT Strategy and Situation
  • IT Strategy Establishment / Adjustment
  • Gap Analysis
  • IT Blueprint Design
  • Continuous Improvement
IT Governance Evaluation
  • IT Governance Structure Evaluation
  • IT Organizational Structure Evaluation
  • IT Policy and Standards Evaluation
  • IT Monitoring and Controlling Evaluation
  • IT Resource Management Evaluation
  • IT Risk Management Practices Evaluation
Enterprise Architecture
  • IT Strategy and Business Plan Awareness
  • Current Situation Analysis
  • IT Assets Investigation
  • Enterprise Architecture Design
  • Change Management