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Creating applications based on the business oriented application software development platform & your specific requirements.
In modern era one should never underestimate the importance of software and information systems to the society. Nowadays, in application software industry, there’re three strategic ways to create your application: Using its rich experience, CSSCA has developed APEXES development platform which significantly reduces development time, applies universal standards to all applications and modules for better quality.

CSSCA - Development Environment Providers
Tasks of APEXES
  • Effectively establish overall and complex management systems for organizations
  • Eliminate isolated islands and black holes of information systems to significantly improve collaboration management
  • Fix the technology independence of management system by providing flexibly adjusted architecture
Functionalities of APEXES
  • Platform-functional modules
  • Web-based application development
  • Business-oriented development
  • Centralized data repository management
  • ISO 15489/23801, DOD5015.2, MOREQ supported
  • Built-in main ERP components
  • Built-in EAI module
Advantages of APEXES
  • Data entry form designing & programming
  • Process flow programming
  • Information outputting, transferring, designing and programming
  • Ability to meet intangible growing business requirements in future;
Components of APEXES
  • Presentation Layerr: provide ability to control system interfaces and services.
  • Application Layer: realize application modules to support business
  • Platform Layer: contain main customizable platform modules and provide access to standard forms, reports, data control, integrated message exchange system, etc.
  • System Components Layer: contain system components