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Assuring customers of prompt and accurate transfer of knowledge and expertise in the pre-sales and after-sales phases
To enable customers to master CCSCA’s systems and solutions, CSSCA provides all-round training on all the functionalities of the proposed solution for different types of users, to transfer knowledge and share experience with our customers. Our trainings aim to achieve the following objectives:

Tools and Techniques
Implementation Services
  • Brainstorming
  • Work Groups
  • Panel Discussions
  • Practical Activities
  • Reflecting/Checking Back
  • Case Studies
  • Presentation
  • Audio and Video Materials
Training Courses
Comprehensive technological and product-related trainings are offered together with training manual for the professional personnel and system operators to enable them to master the equipment and technologies. The training courses are designed to fit different user needs and experience, e.g. system administrators, key users, IT staff, network & database administrators, and general end users.
Training Organization
  • Leading organization - responsible for the training proposal preparation and coordination during the training implementation;
  • Consulting organization - consisting of professors from different fields, providing guidance for the training content;
  • Training organization - the implementation organization, responsible for preparing training proposal and organizing the training activities.
Post Training
The training has a beginning but no definite ending. The training towards our customers is a high-quality and enduring product with our promised warranty. The post training lasts for a long time by keeping on providing consulting service or even complete solution to help our trainees - customers' employees to establish confidence over customers' own IT projects.